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Greenest Subdivision in America.

World's first hydrogen-powered house at The Ridge makes it the "Greenest Subdivision in America" - WJBF ABC News Channel 6

Greenest Subdivision in America.

High performance green homes, net zero energy homes and now a hydrogen-powered home at The Ridge - WRDW News 12 CBS

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"These days, everyone is looking for a break when it comes to bills. How about owing nothing on your power bill? One development in Aiken is advertising just that. WJBF News Channel 6's Joy Howe has the details."

The Ridge is an Energy Star Partner.

Green Design & Green Build

"The Greenest Subdivision In America" - WJBF ABC News Channel 6

Here at the Ridge we have followed a "double green" approach. To begin with we followed a careful land use design method called "conservation planning" which enhances the quality of life for residents through maximizing the preservation of green space while simultaneously creating a comfortable, walkable community. Then we carefully selected builders who use our green building program to create beautiful, energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR labeled, homes that cost 50-70% less to heat and cool.

Want to pay no utility bill? Net Zero energy homes are being planned with the highest energy efficiency, geothermal heat pumps and photovoltaic panels, that can generate as much electricity as they use. When the sun shines, the electric meter spins backwards; at night or on cloudy days, homes can draw power from the grid. They can generate as much electricity as they consume on an annual basis.

One home is currently being planned that will not only use all of the above technologies to have net-zero energy use, but will also be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, making this a completely carbon neutral process. When extra electricity is generated on sunny days by the photovoltaic panels, it can be sent back onto the electric grid and purchased by the electric company; then at night or on cloudy days electricity is then drawn back off of the electric grid. This is a great system, however power transmission lines are rather inefficient and electricity is lost. In this ground breaking "hydrogen" home, a hydrogen fuel cell will be used to store and later release electricity. This prevents any loss that occurs in power lines and is a carbon free process. The fuel cell is small, safe and uses the energy from the solar panels to electrolyze water (H20) create the hydrogen so there is no need to purchase hydrogen.

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